Gold Cost Air Conditioner Service – When to Call in the Professionals

Is your AC not working properly? Has it been making strange noises or simply stopped cooling? These are instances when you might need to call a technician and book an air conditioner service in Gold Cost.

However, all the above problems can be prevented if you get an air-conditioner service done on a regular basis. If your AC is new getting a service done on a yearly basis is a good idea. This would ensure that your unit keeps working in mint condition.

For people who have older units, a six month service is often necessary. When you call in the services of air conditioner technicians in Gold Coast, you can expect them to

  • Clean out the filters to get rid of debris. Clean filters allow the cool air to circulate without any blockage.
  • Clean the coils and unclog the pipes. A clogged pipe could result in a mould like smell coming from the unit. It could also result in water dripping into your home.

When should you call for an air conditioner service

Make sure you call the air conditioner technicians when

  • The unit isn’t providing efficient cooling
  • The pipes have become clogged
  • If it’s been more than six months and you haven’t got your unit serviced
  • The AC is leaking water

Before Calling Air conditioner service

If you have had your AC serviced recently yet are facing problems, you may need to make an assessment before rushing to call the repair technician.

Take a look at the following

  • If your AC doesn’t seem to be working at all, check for loose plugs. A loose connection could be responsible for it.
  • If the unit is plugged in correctly you might need to check the circuit breakers. Sometimes the circuits could become overloaded and might turn off to prevent over heating.
  • If the cooling isn’t up to mark take a look at the temperature control. Sometimes the only reason why an AC doesn’t cool well is because the temperature isn’t set at the required level.
  • If all the above seem to be working fine, just take a look at the filters and the coils to see if they are clogged with dust. A blower can help get rid of the dust and make the air conditioning unit cool just as efficiently as before.
  • If all the above are in order you might need to call the service technician.

Tips and Advice from air conditioner service technicians

The following are a few tips which most technicians have for homeowners

  • The coil of the air conditioner should be cleaned thoroughly using running water. If there are cotton wood trees in the neighborhood you need to wash the coils more often.
  • Clean the filters on a regular basis; this alone is itself enough to make our unit run properly. If the filters are old and broken you should change those as well.
  • Do not leave the unit open when you aren’t at home. This would help save on utility bills as well and ensure a prolonged life for the air conditioning unit.

For more information on services and repairs for home or commercial air conditioners in Gold Coast contact these technicians.