Printing Company – An Overview of Some of the Printing Services we Offer

Printing companies have gained a great deal of popularity mainly because they are the first services people turn to when they are establishing a new business. However printing companies just don’t help those who are starting new ventures but are helpful for mass advertising campaigns which can help a business grow or gain popularity.

The following are a few types of printing services which we provide

Digital Printing

Finding a Melbourne based printing company can be hard, it is an industry slowly being outsourced more and more. With all services offered from their printing company in Melbourne, Midway Print Solutions are owned and operated locally ensuring you have a high quality printing service. This is a relatively new concept and one which most printing companies claim to know very little. Digital printing makes use of digital imaging technology instead of films. One of the greatest advantages of digital printing is that it’s got a fast turnaround time.

Electrostatic Printing

Electrostatic printing is similar to photocopying, however it’s good for short printing processes and doesn’t work well if there are a great many things you need printed. It doesn’t make use of any ink, instead the paper is layered with a thin film of zinc oxide which acts as a conductor of electricity when it is exposed to the electric signals.


Flexography is a specialized form of printing which can be applied to any substrate including cards, papers and even fabric. Most companies in the packaging business make use of flexography because it can print on a bigger canvas and can easily print on large areas of color blocks.


Embossing is characterized by its raised indentations and provides a sophisticated look to business cards or invitation cards.  It helps create an image or print which are three dimensional. Embossing can be done on various kind of papers and cards and makes use of colored dyes.


Used for printing of books, newspapers and maps, lithography is the most famous form of printing services. It is also considered to be the most successful and cost effective method. It makes use of printing plates which are usually covered with a photo sensitive emulsion. The printing process is pretty simple. A black paper is placed between the plates and a cylinder and the ink is then printed directly on to the paper.

Screen Printing

If you live in Melbourne, you can benefit from a direct mail campaign to target potential customers. To find out more how you can benefit from direct mail in Melbourne visit this website as they are the direct mail experts. One of the most versatile forms of printing it makes use of stencils through which the ink is forced out and printed onto the medium placed below the printing block. It’s great to print on mugs, stickers and clothing items.

However one of the drawbacks of screen printing is that it’s pretty slow when compared to the other kind of printing services. However screen printing comes in handy when the print needs to be done on objects which aren’t flat.

The above mentioned are few of the best known printing services. However whatever printing service you choose depends upon the following factors

  • The time period which you want the product delivered to you
  • Your budget
  • Your specific requirements

Whether it’s a business card you need printed, a customized story book or printed logos on t shirts and mugs for your company’s advertisement make sure you choose a printing company accordingly.