Why You Should Protect Your Home With A Gutter guard

Some Of The Benefits Of Using A Gutter Guard

roofs displaying gutter guard protection image 1Gutters are sometimes costly and for some people make the house look unattractive. Yet having a house without a gutter guard is akin to committing structural suicide. The typical gutter is a U-shaped sheet of metal that runs around the house on the edge of the roof, collecting runoff water into a drainage system or for harvesting rain water. The following are some of the major reasons to include gutters in the house.

While most people use them to direct water to the drainage, a large percentage of people today use them to harvest rain water. Water is one of the most precious commodities in the world today. Rainwater harvesting involves collecting water from the surfaces it falls on. The gutter guard is at the center of this initiative. Harvesting rain water reduces the spending on water bills, and reduces the reliance on natural water sources.

How It Protects Your Home And Family

One might take this for granted, but the leaf guard keeps people dry. Homeowners do not want cases where visitors to their home have flowing water falling onto them from the roof. Gutters keep the water from flowing onto house entrances and porches. Even light rainfall collected over the large area of the roof can result in significant runoff. The splashing water from the roof can damage the lower part of the house exterior. When the water falls, it splashes dirt onto the walls as it hits the ground. As the water drops,it can damage the flowers or shrubs planted around the house.

roof displaying gutter guard protection image 2The water that falls from the roof has to flow somewhere. Considering the area the roof covers, it collects a lot of water even during light rain. This means even in cases where there light rainfall, there will still be significant runoff. As the rain water flows off, it carries with it the fertile top soil resulting in soil erosion. Depending on the terrain, there can be ponding on the compound, which can result in unattractive muddy patches around the yard. The gutter guard directs the water to specific points, which prevents ponding and erosion.

Details Of How The Guard Works

The effect of a good gutter guard and runoff water on the house foundation is unknown to many. You can see the biggest features of a gutter guard by clicking here, which is primarily directing water away from the walls and the foundation and underground rooms like the basement. If water is allowed to fall freely from the roof, it saturates the he ground at the foundation. Over time, hydrostatic pressure pushes water down to the foundation. This might cause cracks on the walls of the basement and result in flooding.

Even without the cracks, the water accumulating around the basement can cause settling of the soil around the basement. The walls on the settled part of the foundation could separate from the rest of the house and result in buckling. Buying and installing gutters can seem like an additional cost but failing to do so sets up the homeowner for much more costly repairs down the road. They can be painted and designed such that they do not look unattractive.